Tech Solutions

Cyberneith LLC partners with several companies to provide solutions for cybersecurity, fintech, IT/ICT and beyond.



In the field of cybersecurity, we partner with Humanize. Considering the constant and increasing threat and severity of cyber-attacks, many businesses, institutions and agencies are looking for an extra layer of protection.

Humanize provides solutions which protect an establishment’s digital attack surface. This means it protects all of a company’s assets which are accessible through the internet.

The company, through its AI model Salience, discovers any vulnerability in the system, assesses the risks, rates them, gives recommendations to remedy the situation and monitors the risks over time.

This model can be used to protect establishments and institutions across various industries such as SaaS, insurance, healthcare and telecom as well as government agencies.


Servers and DSS

Cyberneith LLC, along with its partners, offers server solutions to government institutions, financial organizations, telecom operators as well as other businesses. Our solutions include data centers, servers, DSS and hyperconvergent solutions from brands such as DELL, EMC, IBM, Lenovo, Oracle and other manufacturers.


Fintech Solutions

Cyberneith LLC, in cooperation with top tech companies, also provides a host of financial technology solutions. The mentioned fintech solutions are based on a BaaS (Banking as a Service) platform. However, these solutions are cloud-native and aim to separate the core functions of banking. This separation enables us to make the platform more accessible, secure, and efficient while still offering all the necessary financial services. Additionally, the separation of functions allows for innovative combinations, empowering banks and other financial institutions to provide new, streamlined experiences and services.


Network Equipment and Security

Cyberneith LLC and its partners offer Juniper and Extreme Networks solutions as well as a wide range of security solutions including analytics, SIEM, sandbox based on A10, IBM, Fortinet, Symantec, Microsoft and Oracle.


Cloud Solutions

Cyberneith LLC, with the help of its partners provides different cloud solutions to deliver IT resources over the internet on demand. Cloud solutions allow quick access to flexible and low-cost IT resources. We are also developing new cloud sales schemes. Our cloud solutions are based on products from manufacturers such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and VMware.



*The solutions we offer are produced by leading IT manufacturers such as A10, Bitdefender, Conteg, Dell Technologies, Extreme Networks, IBM, Juniper Networks, Lenovo, Microsoft, Ncomputing, NetApp, Nexsan, Nutanix, Oracle, Palo Alto, Qualys, Quest, RSA, Radware, Symantec, VMware, Veeam