Training Services

Cyberneith LLC offers training services in partnership with the Abilene Academy. Abilene Academy proudly maintains its status as a PECB Platinum Authorized Partner for three consecutive years. Abilene’s comprehensive training programs are designed to equip our clients with expert knowledge in various fields.

The courses are conducted by industry experts from Abilene Academy who are actively engaged in their respective fields. Abilene Academy`s trainers bring real-world experience to ensure the highest quality of training. Self-study formats are also available for those who prefer a flexible learning experience.

The Abilene Academy offers 79 courses spanning multiple fields including:

– Information security
– Business continuity and crisis management
– Governance, risk and compliance
– Cybersecurity
– Quality, health, safety and environment
– Microsoft training


Standard Training Sessions

The standard courses follow a fixed schedule typically lasting from one to five days. These sessions provide a focused and comprehensive training experience.


Personalized Training & Certification

Personalized training packages tailored to your specific needs. You have the freedom to choose from our courses and set a convenient schedule for your team.


Internationally Recognized Certification

Upon successful completion of any course, trainees will undergo an examination to assess their knowledge and skills. By achieving certification from the Top Certification bodies in the domain, your staff and company will earn internationally recognized credentials, highlighting your commitment to excellence.