Privacy Policy

Cyberneith LLC takes great care of your privacy and your information’s security. These policies will explain how we use, share and secure the personal information you disclose when filling out our forms or contacting us.

Client Data

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We use the information you provide us of your own volition to better study your request and provide you a personalized experience. We may use your email or phone number to contact you.

Third Party Policy

We do not sell, trade or transfer information about our customers to any third party. As an exception, we transfer relevant data to our partners to be able to provide our clients with services and solutions delivered by our partners.


Cyberneith LLC shall not be held liable for any transactions, interactions or dealings that may occur between the user and the partner website. Any agreements, contracts, purchases or services entered into between the user and the partner are solely at the user’s own responsibility.