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Abilene Academy

Abilene Academy is an officially accredited platform in Switzerland that provides certifying training courses in the domains of information security, data protection and compliance as well as adhering to the main standards. Their platform offers users the opportunity to learn from field experts who are actively engaged in their respective areas. The experts ensure a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the courses and guide participants towards achieving certification. They have already retained their status as a PECB Platinum Partner for several years. While offering standard courses, Abilene Academy also provides personalized sessions tailored to individual needs. Users can choose between online or in-class learning, opt to study independently or with the guidance of an instructor and they can access course materials in seven different languages. Abilene Academy is committed to delivering high-quality training experiences that empower individuals to excel in the world of information technology and security.


Humanize is a data-conscious company that is revolutionizing cybersecurity through innovation. Humanize works with partners and clients in various industries, including telecom, finance, insurance, healthcare and government agencies. The company utilizes Salience, an AI-powered platform, to provide cutting-edge solutions. Humanize complies with internationally recognized standards, ensuring the highest level of security. The team consists of talented engineers, machine learning experts, threat analysts and business professionals. They are dedicated to humanizing cybersecurity and making it understandable for clients. The company’s mission is to empower decision-makers by equipping them with the tools to defend against cyber threats and stay ahead of malicious actors. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, Humanize is driving positive change across the cybersecurity landscape.


Highway is a financial technology company that was established in 2021 with the goal of revolutionizing the banking sector through technological advancements. Their mission is to simplify complex banking processes, including transaction processing, security verification and authorization. To achieve this goal, Highway is developing a cloud-native and composable core banking platform that will enhance and streamline banking operations, ultimately providing new and better customer experiences. The company is composed of a team of talented, innovative and hardworking individuals. At Highway, they prioritize a set of core values that guide their interactions with team members, customers and stakeholders. Trust, hard work and innovation are the pillars of their company. They firmly believe that adhering to these values is key to finding success in their industry.